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Saving Money Using Discount Pharmacy programs such as GoodRX

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Perhaps you have seen commercials or heard from friends about GoodRx? In our limited experience, we have seen where clients can save money on certain medication by using GoodRX as an alternative to their prescription plan.

What is GoodRx? GoodRx is a company that operates a website and mobile application consumers can use to shop medication prices across 75,000 pharmacies throughout the country.

How do I use GoodRx?

Either log on to the GoodRX website or use the app on your smartphone. Enter the medication name. Choose the form, dosage amount and quantity. A list of coupon cost and corresponding pharmacies will appear. If using the website, print the coupon. If using a smartphone, have the pharmacy scan the coupon on your phone.

*Make sure the Pharmacist does not run your medication through Medicare when using GoodRX. You cannot use both.

When should I use GoodRX?

  • If your Medication isn’t covered by Medicare.

  • If you are in the coverage gap.

  • If you won’t reach your deductible. If you use little medication, and don’t expect to reach your deductible, price your prescription through both to see where you can get it for less.

When will GoodRX not help? It is very unlikely that you will get better coverage on brands through GoodRX. For example, many people on Medicare use insulin pens which retail between $500-$600 for a one-month supply. You would save money on GoodRX if you had no coverage, however you will save thousands by using your Medicare drug plan.

Our advice is to be a savvy shopper and check for yourself to see if you can save money by using a discount program such as GoodRx.

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