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Medicare and Preventive Services: Keeping Health in Check

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Medicare isn’t all about hospital stays and prescription drugs to address ailments. Recognizing that prevention is key to staying healthy and happy, Medicare also empowers you to keep your health in check through its preventive services. This post delves into what Medicare preventive services are, the services Medicare covers, and how much they cost.

Understanding Medicare’s Preventive Services

Medicare’s preventive services include exams, lab tests, shots, screenings, counseling, and education. These services are designed to prevent certain diseases or catch potential health issues before they become advanced and at a stage when they are easier to treat, promoting overall health and wellness.

What Preventive Services Does Medicare Cover?

Medicare’s preventive services cater to different age groups, risk factors, and health conditions. However, there are eligibility requirements and limits to the number of times you can get these services. For example, Medicare will pay for only 2 diabetes screenings per year. Some of the preventive services Medicare covers include:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm screenings - one time

  • Alcohol misuse screenings - once per year

  • Alcohol misuse counseling - 4 sessions per year

  • Bone mass measurements - Once every 24 months

  • Cardiovascular behavioral therapy - One visit per year

  • Cardiovascular disease screenings - Once every 5 years

  • Cervical & vaginal cancer screenings - Once every 24 months

  • Colorectal cancer screenings - Once every 24 years

  • Depression screening - Once per year

  • Diabetes screenings - 2 times per year

  • Diabetes self-management training - 10 hours initially

  • Flu shots - Once each flu season

  • Glaucoma tests - Once every 12 months

  • Hepatitis B shots

  • Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection screenings - Once every 12 months

  • Hepatitis C screening tests - Once every 12 months

  • HIV screenings - Once every 12 months or 3 times during pregnancy

  • Lung cancer screenings - Once every 12 months

  • Mammograms (breast cancer screenings) - Once every 12 months

  • Obesity behavioral therapy

  • Pneumococcal shots - 2 shots

  • Preventive visits, including Annual Wellness Visits - once every 12 months

  • Prostate cancer screenings - Once every 12 months

  • Sexually transmitted infections screenings & counseling - once every 12 months or at certain times during pregnancy

How Much Does It Cost to Get Medicare’s Preventive Services?

If you’ve enrolled in Medicare Part B, you won’t have to pay anything to benefit from Medicare’s preventive services. You only need to keep paying your Part B premiums, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket costs and see a doctor who participates in Medicare.

Your doctor or healthcare provider may ask you to have screenings more often than Medicare covers. Sometimes, they may recommend diagnostic tests you’ll have to pay for partly or wholly. If you are unsure about whether a test is covered, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider to prevent surprises.

Take Advantage of Medicare’s Preventive Services Today to Keep Your Health in Check

With these preventive services, you can detect diseases early for prompt intervention, prevent diseases, get essential immunizations, receive counseling, and get a personalized health plan. Contact us today to learn more about Medicare’s preventive services.



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