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Using an Independent Broker

What Does an Independent Broker Bring to the Table?

The answer is options! To realize the value of an independent broker, you first need to consider the alternatives.


Doing the Research, Yourself.

Let’s face it, many of us like to do things on our own. This is often for two reasons, money and trust and they are not mutually exclusive. When it comes to professional services such as taxes, finances, and insurance, not everyone feels comfortable doing it on their own, yet they do not know who to trust. With Medicare insurance, doing it yourself could be risky. Can you honestly say you are comfortable navigating such a complex topic without professional guidance? 

Going Direct to the Insurance Company.

Which company will you start with? Do you expect the representative at ABC Insurance Company to tell you if they don’t think their product is the right fit for you? Are you confident that you couldn’t get a better product or price somewhere else? How much time are you willing to spend doing this?


An Independent Broker Will Explain the Basics of Medicare,

evaluate your situation, address your concerns, and then find the best company for you. The real beauty is that a good independent broker can accomplish this in generally less than an hour. Of course situations vary and some are more complex than others but brokers are trained to ask the right questions and explain all the information to you in the most concise and efficient manner possible.

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Silver Crest Insurance Inc, is an Independent Insurance Agency Specializing in Medicare Insurance Plans.

Located in the Lehigh Valley PA, our 3 convenient offices are based in Bethlehem, Macungie, and Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. Many agencies claim to have good service but we let our clients speak for us! Check out our Google reviews and the testimonial page on our website to see what our clients are saying! Give us a call. Let our Medicare advisors take the weight off your shoulders!

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