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Common Medicare Insurance Questions, Answered.

Medicare insurance can be an intimidating and confusing topic. Silver Crest Insurance is here to help. We’ve compiled answers to the most common medicare insurance questions we are asked, everyday. Nice and simple. If you do not find your question listed under our MedicareFAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Services for individuals turning 65 or retiring
    People take coverage under Medicare for the first time generally for two reasons. The first is you are turning 65 and will not continue to have coverage through an employer or a spouse’s employer. You may have coverage under Cobra, through the Affordable Care Act or perhaps no coverage at all. No matter what your situation, we can provide advice and help transition you to Medicare. Perhaps you are over 65, still working, and looking ahead to retirement. We will provide you with the information you need to ensure that you know the costs of your coverage under Medicare and that there are no gaps in your coverage.
  • Services for individuals over 65 and on Medicare
    Confucius once said, “He who does not revieweth thoust insurance plans, may be paying far too much!” Ok, ok, he never said that, but if he were alive today, he might have! We are constantly running in to folks who have been on the same Medicare supplement for years, not bothering to shop their rates. This is a mistake! You may be able to get the exact same coverage for much less! We routinely save people anywhere between $30-$100/month on the exact same coverage by simply switching companies. You Don’t Need to Wait for the Annual Enrollment Period! It is also a very common misconception that you need to wait for the “Annual Enrollment Period” to switch Medicare supplement plans. This is false! The annual enrollment period only applies to “Medicare Advantage Plans” and Medicare “Prescription Drug plans.” If you have a “Medicare Advantage Plan” or a “Medicare Prescription Drug plan,” each year around Sept. 30, you will receive an “Annual Notice of Change” providing a side by side comparison of your current plan versus what it will look like the following year. You will then want to schedule your review with an agent to make sure that you are on the best possible plan starting January of the next year. We’ll Review Your Coverage … For Free! At Silver Crest Insurance, a licensed agent is always available to evaluate your coverage and provide feedback to you at NO CHARGE. If we are clearly able to demonstrate switching plans is in your best interest, we will ask you if you want to do so. If you do not, we will respect your decision. We are of the opinion that if we respect you, you will respect us enough to share our information with other folks who may need our services.
  • Services for disabled individuals
    Once on disability and collecting benefits for 24 months, you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Being disabled and enrolling in Medicare is not the same as “aging in” to Medicare at 65. You will want to be careful with the coverage you select and understand the ramifications of selecting one type of coverage vs another. Also, you may not have as many options as the person turning 65. You do not want to do this on your own! Contact us and we will explain the nuances of going on Medicare via disability so that you are making the best decision possible.
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Your Local Medicare Insurance Agents

Are you confused by your Medicare options? Does the enrollment process seem overwhelming? The Medicare agents at Silver Crest Insurance are here to help.

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