Medicare Part D

Medicare prescription plans or Medicare part D are offered through a variety of insurance carriers usually offering two or more plan options.

These plans can vary widely depending on a person’s specific medications. We have seen instances where the difference in one plan to the next could mean several thousand dollars.

At Silver Crest Insurance, our licensed agents will research your plan using the “Medicare Plan finder” on The plan finder will quickly evaluate the plans based on your specific medications computing the most economical plan for you based on the premium, deductibles and co-pays. We help interpret the data, explain it and get you situated in the most appropriate plan.

We are currently certified with the top plans such as Humana/Walmart, AARP, and the CVS Caremark Silverscript plans.

If we determine that the best plan for you is not one we offer, we will give you the data and explain how to sign up for the best plan. It is our philosophy that we cannot be everything to everybody, but if we treat you right, you will tell people who may benefit from our services.