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Get to Know Silver Crest Insurance

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Silver Crest Insurance is an independent agency helping thousands of people benefit from Medicare since 2008. As an independent agency, we work only for YOU, finding you the best combination of coverage, cost, and service.

The Silver Crest Power of Choice

At Silver Crest Insurance, we believe that being independent confers on you the power of choice. And we’ve been operating on this principle since 2008.

And what does this mean?

  • The power of choice ensures you’re presented with the best coverage options from some top-rated insurance companies offering Medicare.

  • It gives you access to all the information you need on the available coverage options and their most competitive rates.

  • It gives you the confidence that you selected the best coverage that fits your individual needs and budget.

Our 3-Step Transition Process to Medicare

For many new beneficiaries, signing up for Medicare can be very confusing. As a client-oriented independent agency, we recognize this challenge, which is why we’ve made the transition process so much simpler.

  1. We get the first challenge out of the way by having one of our advisors give you take-me-by-the-hand guidance on applying for Medicare and navigating the Medicare website.

  2. We break down Medicare, what it covers, and the supplemental coverage options using the most easy-to-understand terms. We assess your needs and ensure you choose the coverage that protects you the most at the least pricing.

  3. Finally, we speed up the supplemental application process, ensuring you have coverage starting from the day you need it.

And that isn’t all. We don’t dump you to figure out the rest yourself.

Once you have your coverage, one of our client service specialists will reach out to you to ensure you have your insurance cards and respond to any queries you might have since you first met with your insurance advisor.

Lehigh Valley Couple Enrolled in Medicare

You Are Everything

At Silver Crest, our client is everything.

That’s why when you reach out to us, we’ll return your calls and address all your concerns promptly. Our client service agents will do these respectfully and with smiles on their faces, ready to help you out.

With hundreds of Google reviews and thousands of testimonials on our website, our clients understand that they are our priority. For more information on Medicare, like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

At Silver Crest, we walk side-by-side with you till the very end!



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